Seven Top Tips To Add Value To Your Home On A Budget

For those looking to sell their home or just looking for smart, economical upgrades, there are many ways to improve your home to add value, often these ways are costly, such as refitting the bathroom or replacing the windows. Here we highlight some of the best ways to increase the value of your home while still being budget friendly.

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  1. New Light Fittings

The light in a room can dramatically change its appearance. If you want to add value, you want to give your home an impression of a larger space with a bright, airy yet warm feeling. Opt for chandelier style fittings to make your room appear stylish and refined. Alternatively, choose modern copper fixtures for instant glamour, that is very on trend.

When fitting new lighting, opt for a dimmer switch to which makes your lighting much more versatile so that your home is ready for any occasion.

  1. Update The Bathroom

While a new bathroom can cost a fortune, there are simple tricks to give your bathroom a timely update that gives it a designer finish. New taps on the sink can give a shine and sparkle that was lost with old, discoloured metal while a new toilet seat can help to give the room a clean and new appearance. Bathroom cabinets and cupboards are also extremely handy for clearing the clutter and giving you a seemingly spacious bathroom without needing an extension.

  1. First Impressions Count

Many people will judge your home as soon as they see it, so make it an entrance to remember for all the right reasons. If a new front door is too expensive, give it a good clean, or paint if it’s wooden, and consider changing the fixtures to new modern styles. You can dramatically improve the entrance of your home thanks to tasteful shrubs or flowering plants adorning either side of your front door which is a purse-friendly upgrade that is easy to do.

  1. A Lick Of Paint

A fresh coat of paint instantly makes rooms look clean and bright again, and paint can be purchased relatively cheaply, you may still have paint leftover from the last time you decorated. You do not need to go wild redecorating, simply splashing on a new coat in the same colour will help to sharpen the room and make the whole room feel brand new.

  1. Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

A thorough house clean can transform your home instantly. A professional sofa clean will revitalise your old settee and dramatically restore life back into your furnishings and is much cheaper than purchasing new seating. Cleaning the carpet is also a great yet inexpensive way to restore the colour and freshness of your carpet, so it looks as good as new.

If you’re looking to sell, many buyers will consider the cost of upgrading the carpets in the price, if yours look brand new, you’ll win the potential buyers over instantly. If you plan to stay at your home, freshly cleaned carpets create a great smell that will improve the look of your home and also make it a much more inviting and pleasant atmosphere.

  1. Add Style

Quick and simple tricks to instantly update your home on a budget can include adding stylish decorations that you can create yourself or pick up cheaply second hand. An elegant vase filled with flowers from the garden can create a positive and warming touch. Another consideration is a  contemporary floating fireplace beam that gives you shelf space but also turns your fireplace into a stylish centrepiece, without the costly expensive of purchasing a new fireplace and surround.

A bright and bold canvas painting can instantly give impact to a neutrally painted room and transform your home into a stylish designer haven. It is the perfect chance to get creative or go rummaging in charity shops.

  1. Create A Feature Wall

If you don’t have the money to wallpaper the whole room, why not consider a designer style feature wall. With one roll of stylishly printed wallpaper, you can create a focal point in any room or simply cover the chimney breast. A feature wall can be anywhere from a small downstairs bathroom to the bedroom or living room.

With a feature wall, you can create a bold and fun design that will give your home impact and be a talking point for all the right reasons. With many different textures, prints, patterns and colour fusions you are sure to find an interesting wallpaper that will make any room shine without spending a fortune.

Infographic by: www.cupolasnmore.com