When your parents taught you to use a vacuum cleaner, did they tell you to vacuum the sofa
and overstuffed chairs weekly? We did not think so. That is the recommendation, though, of all
the large upholstery and furniture care associations, to help remove dander and hair and
general dust and grime off your good furniture. If we had only known.
Upholstered furniture is the norm in most people’s houses, and we see a lot of it here in
Colorado. Nice comfortable upholstered couches and chairs are just simply comfortable. We
love them and live in them. A lot. And that living adds up to lots of little bits of everything
getting on, and in, the chair or couch.
Sometimes it is the boat or RV furnishings that need a good cleaning. We forget to do them until
it is time to roll the equipment out for the season, and then tell ourselves we will take care of it
in the fall when we put them up for the winter. Yeah, we forgot to do it then, too.
Upholstered anything needs cleaning, simple as that. Sadly, it is one of those things we tend to
forget doing or getting done until we have a major disaster on the family heirloom left to us by
Aunt Mary. If we wait, the stain may never come out. And on upholstered items, especially
antiques and heirlooms, we do not always have any idea what the fiber content is of the fabric,
what the item is stuffed with, or even how it is constructed. Too often table salt on the red wine
spill just does not do the trick (it will set it if it is iodized, which is what nearly all table salt is).
When you need upholstery cleaning Colorado Springs relies on to save Aunt Mary’s beloved
sewing chair, don’t try and do it yourself. Too many over the counter cleaners set stains, and
often are very hard on your lungs.
Call a professional upholstery cleaning Colorado Springs
company that is trusted and recommended.
Their professionals know the fabrics, they know
that all that rubbing you hopefully did not do will damage the fabric, and the cleaner you were
trying probably would cause the dye or stain to run. Let the people who do upholstery work for
the resorts, organizations, churches, businesses and others clean your upholstery so it is done
right, it turns out right, and your pieces are not damaged in the process.
Many stains that end up on household furniture are biological in nature. That means they also
contain proteins, salts, and other compounds that cause additional challenges in getting rid of
the stain or odor. Liquids also tend to penetrate into the webbing and padding on upholstered
items. A professional upholstery cleaning service in Colorado Springs will know that and know
how to deal with those problems. They also will know the particulars of our area, like how to get
certain dirt stains out due to the high iron or copper content in some area soils. Metal
containing stains can be especially difficult to remove, and a professional has access to the
correct treatments to deal with them and have a much better end result.